Saturday, October 24, 2015

MiFi pancake and pansticks - How to select color for Indian classical dancer?

MiFi Pan cake and pan stick - color shade selection

As I mentioned earlier, the most amount of questions we get after the shipping inquiries are the bangle size questions. We have a blog already explaining how to select the bangles size. Most of the queries are from the moms of Bharatanatyam or Kuchipudi dancers. It is easy to pick a dance jewelry set, but a challenge to figure out the bangle size.

The next question we get very often is about the color shades of MiFi pancake and pan sticks. Well, I am not an expert on this. I am writing this based on my experience - so please do not take my word for this. The final decision must come from the make-up man/lady or your dance teacher. They are the ultimate authority. If you run out of all the above said options, please use this as a guidance at your own risk ! This picture below and notes are just for reference. My daughter is tan and she uses shade 27. I kind of derived everything else from there. I am a genius :-)

You need to have good idea of the dance make-up and stage lighting etc, in addition to the dancers skin tome to pick up the correct shade. It is a combination of several aspects which comes naturally with lot of experience. MiFi Pan cake and Pan sticks are widely used for almost all the Indian classical dance make-ups. I have seen most of the Bharatanatyam dancers, Mohiniyattam dancers and Kuchipudi dancers use this.

Based on my experience, if you look at this chart and select a shade for your dancer, you may not be too off. May be +1 or -1 shade off. The best solution is buy two shades. I have seen some make-up ladies mix 25 and 27 to get 26. Well they are professionals and I can't guarantee, how it turns out if you do it.

MiFi Pancake color shades

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Indian classical dance make-up

The make-up described here is mainly meant for the Indian classical dance forms Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam. 

The Indian classical dance makeup is much different from western style stage makeup. For Indian classical dance makeup, more importance is given to the shape of the eyes and lips. This make-up must have a graceful look and should be suitable for stage light rather than day light. It also should be equally suitable for dancers with dark or fair skin colors. Also it should match with the type of dance jewelry you are wearing !

Make-up may smudge! Keep your face oil-free. Some dancers become very emotional just before the dance – but don’t cry!!!

Below is the list of Items you need for Indian Classical Dance makeup. This is applicable for Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kathak and Kuchipudi.

Note: All the items except the items in the first line are available in any makeup kit available from Wal-Mart or Target. Or please visit 

Altha, Sindoor, Kumkum, Bindi (preferably Maroon color)
Eye shadow
Facial powder / Talcum powder (inhaling or swallowing talcum powder is dangerous)
Light foundation

Indian dance makeup – step by step procedure:

1.     Using a gentle soap wash face and wipe with a soft lint free cotton cloth
2.     Apply an oil-free moisturizer. We recommend you to use herbal moisturizer. Remember, chemicals are harmful !
3.     Apply a light coat of facial powder
4.     Apply the foundation. This can be a nice thick (just noticeable) coating. The foundation color should be little bit lighter than your skin color
5.     Over the foundation, apply a coat of facial powder
6.     Now apply blush
7.     Draw the outline of both eyes using black eyeliner. Make sure the end of the outline is curved so that the eyes appear like a lotus petal.
8.     Apply multiple coats of black mascara
9.     On the nose, especially on the sides, apply dark foundation to the sides of your nose.
10. Select an appropriate color lipstick with some gloss and apply
11. Place a maroon sticker Bindi in the middle of your fore-head. For round face, use a rain drop shaped bindi. For a long face, use a round bindi

Hair makeup is a different topic and it varies depending upon the dance style. However, irrespective of the dance style, all uses false hair and hair kunjalam. We will cover the hair makeup in a separate blog.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Benefits of Kasturi Manjal

Benefits of Turmeric

People in India recognized the beauty and health benefits of turmeric several centuries ago. Solid proof is ‘Haldi’, a ceremony in which Kasturi Manjal paste is applied to the face and arms of the Indian bride just before marriage.  Turmeric is the most important spice item used in Indian kitchen and the Turmeric in the form of Kasturi Manjal is widely used by Indian women for skin rejuvenation. Kasturi Manjal is the most important ingredient of all the Ayurvedic skin-care products.

This is why Kasthuri Manjal is considered as most important natural beauty product:

1.  It contains  ‘curcumin’ which forms the yellow pigment - helps towards a brighter skin complexion 

2. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

3. Kasthuri Manjal is natural and inexpensive way to care your skin. In the market, it is available in the form of powder, paste and dried root forms.

4. Kasturi Manjal is an anti-oxidant which assists in attacking free radicals to give a youthful looking skin, curing rashes and other disorders.  

5. Turmeric powder as a spice, acts as an effective blood purifier which in turn, improves your skin.

Home made Kasturi Manjal skincare recipes for wrinkles, hair growth and acne:

1. During pregnancy, apply a paste of Kasturi Manjal to your lower belly every other day to avoid getting stretch marks.

2. Prepare a mix of Honey and Turmeric and apply this mask on your face to get glowing skin.

3. Prepare a compound with Kasturi Manjal and luke warm coconut oil and apply on face to reduce unwanted hair growth.

4. A mix of Kasthuri manjal and sandal wood power can cure acne if applied regularly. Rub the mix on affected skin area and wash off after 30 minutes

5. Apply a mix of sugar cane juice and Kasthuri Manjal on your face and wash of after 20 minutes to treat wrinkles.

6. Another mix of buttermilk and Kasthuri manjal applied near our eyes can eliminate the wrinkles and marks.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beauty of Ayurveda - Herbal face pack, Dandruff oils and Slim oils

Other than the jewelry and dance costumes we offer, we have Ayurvedic herbal beauty care products in our online store These herbal beauty care products are manufactured by well known Ayurveda companies who have been manufacturing Ayurvedic medicine for decades.

Ayurveda is an antient system of treating illness and disorders of human body, developed and used in India several thousands of years ago. Science of Ayurveda believes that the reason for all disorders in the human body are caused by toxins accumulated in our body though the food we eat. Ayurveda recommends the way of healing from within self. Usually the first treatment for any decease in Ayurveda is prescribing a detox. The most recommended detox procedure is Panchakarma. Even though you are perfectly healthy, Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma once in 3 years to maintain your toxic levels within the limits. There are five different Panchakarmas and one should consult an Ayurveda doctor before undergoing this to make sure you get the proper one for your body type.

In Ayurveda, there is seperate chapters for beauty care which elaborates the procedures and herbal medicines which are apt for female and males. Many Ayurveda companies who manufacture medines now have beauty care products also. All the face pack, dandruff oil and slim oil we sell are made by renowned Ayurveda companies in India.